Mobile app for Android & IOS
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The whole world famous platform

The first platform
in the world

where users receive income
for participating in quests
Intuitive interface
the new way of people communication
FaceApp, Instagram, Badoo - vivid examples of successful companies in IT

They were able to provide what users wanted but didn't know about it yet

Place is a new stage in the history of IT
What's new?
Every day we work hard so you can enjoy all the features of PLACE
Always on time
Every user always know, when the game starts
Super game
Once a month our users got a chance to win 10x prize!
Simple conditions
All you need for win -
to get first to the mark on the map
The most important
and interesting news from your city firstly get into app
Borcov Denis
Denis has got an idea to create a Place app. He gathered the key members of our team and helped them show their unique qualities in the process
Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
— Henry Ford
Yuriy Timkov
Aksenov Yuriy
External relationships
Place (beta - version)
already available for download!

(only in Russian now)

The IOS version is being prepared for release